But, that should not come as a surprise, because that is the Obasanjo modus operandi. Although I am not much of a traditionalist, I do respect some Yoruba traditions, particularly respecting elders. However, one aspect I have always found problematic is the conferring of respect on elders who do not seem to deserve respect. Olusegun Obasanjo may mean different things to different people, but to me he is a megalomaniac who suffers from a grave messiahnic complex.

It must be emphatically acknowledged that the events of birthed Following the free and fair election of June 12, and the subsequent illegal annulment by Ibrahim Babangida, a protracted struggle ensued, which culminated in the ouster of the military.


Unfortunately, Africa lost one of its illustrious sons and the president-elect of Nigeria, Chief M. O Abiola on July 7, This was a death with huge implications for the future of Nigeria. The immediate reaction of the military junta was to avert the potential disintegration of the country.

Enter Obasanjo! The military establishment, which was mainly controlled by Northern political kingmakers, recruited Obasanjo to douse the tension in the country. This was a deliberate attempt to pacify the Yoruba in particular, because Abiola and Obasanjo were both Yoruba from Abeokuta, and had a long history dating back to their high school days.

It must be noted that the Yoruba generally did not vote for Obasanjo in the presidential election. Apart from not having any political clout, he was seen as a military stooge and traitor. Nonetheless, Obasanjo was sworn-in as president on May 29, an anomalous date which would later be redressed. Due to his style of governance, Obasanjo faced imminent impeachment by the National Assembly in Notably, the prominent block that spearheaded his political survival was the Yoruba. Senators and governors of the now defunct Alliance for Democracy AD put their political and personal differences with Obasanjo aside and rallied support for him at the National Assembly.

People like Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye worked assiduously from within the National Assembly to actualise anti-impeachment plans. Alas, Obasanjo was saved and he survived the impeachment imbroglio. Unbeknownst to them, Obasanjo was going to pay them back the best way he knew how to — through betrayal!

One of my issues with Obasanjo is his ignoble role in the gradual extirpation of Omoluabi politics in Western Nigeria — the Yorubaland. The general elections gave Obasanjo the perfect opportunity to fix this supposed political albatross. After all, charity begins at home! I will cite Ogun State as an example because I was privy to some events of I was at the residence of the former governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba, when he left to have a courtesy breakfast with Obasanjo before the election.

It was a complicated arrangement which turned out to be a well-orchestrated subterfuge intended to sack all AD governors and decimate the political structure of the progressives in Western Nigeria. There were effectively no elections in the Western States — it was a military coup. Obasanjo used military force to enthrone his PDP minions across the Western States, except in Lagos, where Tinubu literally fought fire with fire! Love or loathe Tinubu, he withstood the firepower of Obasanjo in and became the celebrated lone survivor.

Undoubtedly, saw the emergence of some despicable and unscrupulous fellows that pervaded the political sphere. Overnight, nonentities with questionable backgrounds became prominent politicos and kingmakers, and morality in politics was being eroded.

An unfortunate consequence of the era signalled the death knell to morality politics and the entrenchment of moneybag politics in the Western region. Generally, people stopped questioning the source of wealth of potential political office holders. Also, those with questionable backgrounds who somehow made it politically became the inspiration to a segment of society, who were previously frowned upon.

This sociopolitical manifestation sent the wrong signals to the populace and we are still suffering the consequences of this amorality today. Obasanjo had the ambition of controlling the political structure of the Western region at any cost, even if it came with dire consequences. O Abiola, and he tried everything within his means to suppress that date and sought to erase Abiola from the annals of history. As fate would have it, the icon Obasanjo refused to honour during his eight-year presidential tenure, was honoured by a president of Northern origin — Muhammadu Buhari.Abstract In every given nation, particularly in Africa, where tribal affiliations are strong, different groupings as tribes exist with their peculiar languages and dialects, and also the totality of the culture that singularly unifies and identifies them as a people.

However, with the advent of colonialism, some of these tribes were scattered about and could not be found together on one location again but now mixed up there and then with different dialects and histories. The Yoruba tribe of the Western part of Nigeria is no exemption to this experience and historical distortions. The tribe comprises of different sub-groups that make it up as a people which are again strategically positioned in their respective locations in the region, up to the Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana as history had it.

They journeyed far through the forests and settled in their present locations in Ondo State — South-West Nigeria, though, not without some nasty experiences and horror.

As agriculturalist Ondo indigenes are, so, they are very creative, industrious, hardworking, highly educated and highly influential in the public — sector.

They have a rich history and culture that stands amongst the best in Yoruba land as they are believed to be the direct descendants of Oduduwa the Yoruba Progenitorwhose own father was said to have migrated from Mecca to the present day Ile- Ife in Osun state of western Nigeria. The significance of this research is to examine the origin and etymological root of the people of Ondo Kingdom in Ondo State with a view to knowing more about them and their culture, most especially, how they came to be influential on the political landscape of their state and Nigeria as a nation.

The paper argues that the Ondo people of Ondo-dialect speaking sub-group are genuinely aboriginal descendants of Lamurudu, the father of Oduduwa, whose settlement history and culture are empirically verifiable and not strictly mere folklores or legend, except for non-availability of proper records as atsome six centuries ago.

This group, which again was sub-grouped into two descent systems of the south and north, comprising of several sub-ethnic groupings who all speak the same Yoruba language but with different dialectical intonations, has the Ondo Kingdom in its southern part with cognatic descent system.

Nigeria is divided into six geo-political zones with thirty-six states, as a federation, together with the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, being the thirty-seventh. Its weather elements are those typifying the rainforest region of sub-Saharan Africa, mitigated by its surrounding thick forests which are blessed with. It is peopled by those indigenes whose paternity is traceable to Oduduwa, the son of Lamurudu, who was believed to have migrated from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, after some sectarian dispute to the present day Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba, where he gave birth to Oduduwa and the latter gave birth to another sixteen sons, among them, Oranmiyan, who later became the Alaafin of Oyo, and who according to descent gave birth to Oluaso, the father of Pupupu, a female child, who went to found the Ondo Kingdom from far away Oyo Eades, J.

However, as in most historical collections, the history of the ondo origin is not without some controversies, as there are three different versions that purport to explain it.

This controversy arose in consequence of lack of written records, as at then, supporting the clear and unambiguous account that are embraced, home and abroad, by the Ondo indigenes in the one part and the entire Yoruba race in the other part, including their historians and other scholars, within the intellectual circle. This paper is meant to actually add to what we now have today as contemporary facts to the available schools of thought that have attempted to explain the etymological root of the Ondo Kingdom, its people and their ubiquitous culture Johnson, S.

According to legend, Pupupu, a female, was one of the twin children of Oba Oluaso, who reigned in Oyo Empire in the 15th century, some over years ago. The twin brother, a male was called Orere. Legend informed us that, in those days, twin birth was an abomination as it was considered a serious calamity if they were spared. Before their departure, the Alaafin, after offering prayers, gave them a beaded crown and an Akoko tree, signifying their royalty with which they were to be welcomed anywhere they tarried or decided to settle.

This was exactly what happened in places they reached until finally they got to their present final settlement, where they were welcomed unrestricted and allowed to take possession and authority. Asides, their father Oluasoagainst the tradition of the multitribal marks of Oyo, incised the twins with two long tribal marks as an identity and for recognition in case of future. This explains the origin of the tribal marks of Ondo till date. The political underpinning in this respect is in two ways.

Today, the Ondo people, anywhere they are and in anything they are doing, they are always influential and on the lead. Indeed, empirical facts confirm that Ondo indigenes are good administrators and managers of human and material resources. They travel a lot and are very industrious and enterprising.Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua was a gentleman of the highest status and grade; he doubled as a gentleman of gentlemen.

He was brilliant, witty, cerebral, profound, suave, civilised and cosmopolitan. It is repeating the obvious to say that he was intellectually deep and religiously sound. To those of us who knew and worked with him closely, his niceties were mesmerising. He made a success as a career diplomat, representing Nigeria at different Missions. After gleefully and voluntarily retiring from public service, he ventured into business, warehousing assorted merchandise in different parts of the present southwestern States.

Contemporaneously with business, he forayed into the volatile politics of Nigeria, first, taking a chance to go to the Senate inbut the attempt was truncated by the political exigencies of that period. Unrelenting, he stoically renewed his political interest and reinvigorated his political machinery under the turbulent and unending Babangida transition programmes, combing every nook and cranny of the old Ondo State, campaigning and asking for votes to be Governor of the State.

He began this adventure aboutculminating in his landslide election as the Governor of the State in Decemberand his swearing-in on 1st January As Governor of Ondo State, he was an exemplar per excellence — a man and a half.

ondo eulogy

All who knew him were conversant of the fact that he led by example and practiced what he preached. Most importantly, Bamidele Olumilua was a man of purpose — a necessary existence, both in terms of form and substance. In the composition of his State Executive Council, he took pains to assemble a formidable team of intellectuals and experts to superintend the various ministries and parastatals. As for me, he paid an unscheduled visit to my Ikere country home on 25th Decemberwhen I was having a pounded yam feast in celebration of Christmas with my nuclear family and parents, diplomatically luring me to accompany him and his late friend, Chief Sola Akintayo, to Ado.

While he was pleading with me, Chief Akintayo was offering the doxology. I later found out it was a premeditated design by the two old friends. The rest is now history. Unbeknownst to many; unrecorded by chroniclers of history; unmentioned by the bards, writers and columnists in our national dailies; unrecognised in the mighty fortresses of government circles; unacknowledged by most folks around; uncelebrated while he was here with us; untrumpeted by any coterie of praise singers; and unlauded by lyricists on the roll, Governor Dele Olumilua made a substantial success of his militarily abridged tenure as Governor of Ondo State.

He had a progressive vision and developmental mission for the State. He genuinely and passionately loved the State and sincerely worked for its progression. Conscious of the impact of human activities on nature and the environment, he established and inaugurated the Ondo State Environmental Protection Agency, with the charge to combat every aspect of environmental degradation in the State.

During his campaigns, which unusually lasted about four years, there was scarcely any town, village or hamlet that he did not visit twice, and this gave him a clearer picture of the potentialities of the State and the need to internally harness them for his developmental agenda. Seeing that the entire State was littered with rocks of different shapes and shades, he set up a team of experts to advise on the utility value and advantage of the said rocks; and the team came up with the idea that if properly harnessed, diverse by-products, including Asphalt, Gypsum, Salt, Potash, Coal, chemical grade Limestone, Common Clays, China Clay, Kaolin, Ball Clays and Silica sand, amongst others, could be extracted from the rocks for several purposes, particularly for the rehabilitation and tarring of all the roads in the State.

On assumption of office, he directed the Ministry of Justice to incorporate the Ondo State Roads Materials and Construction Company Limited, with the main object being the establishment of quarries and Asphalt plants in the three Senatorial Districts of the State. First to take off was the one situated at Igbimo, in the present Ekiti State Ondo South Senatorial Districtwhere sophisticated equipment, amongst which were quarry machines, stone blasting tools, standby generators, etc, were already put in place; while the quarry at Apomu, Akure, in the Ondo Central Senatorial District, followed closely behind.

These are just a few of the several projects and companies put in place by Governor Olumilua. In Octoberhe re-shuffled and reinvigorated his cabinet with a view to vigorously advancing his dream for Ondo State, charging every member of his cabinet to brace up for the task ahead.

Timelines were fixed on a quarterly basis for the purpose of deliverables. Little did he know that the military was lurking around the corner. Like the biblical David and Jonathan, both of them established a chord, with Komolafe becoming the closest aide to Olumilua while in government, and the most bosom friend of his out of government, till Komolafe passed. I recollect him calling me on one or two occasions to advise on whether or not it was proper for him to spend money from his Security Vote, and despite my advice, he would still be so hesitant and reluctant in making any withdrawals from the Vote unless and until the security crisis was almost engulfing the State.

A typical example was during the wild demonstrations attendant to the annulment of the 12th Junepresidential election. Notwithstanding the fact that Olumilua was Governor of the State and the Visitor to the Ondo State University, Ado now Ekiti State Universityhe declined to interfere on behalf of his daughter, Omolara, who had wanted to read Law but was turned down at the point of registration on the ground that she had a P7 in Mathematics.

His fidelity to friendship and a common goal was legendary. In this regard, he assiduously committed himself and his government to the realisation of the ambition of his friend, Chief Olu Falae, to become the President of Nigeria; and this commitment was total in every respect — financial, physical and spiritual.

I also recall that after a particular visit to the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Governor Olumilua saw the grandeur of the seat of power and later called members of his entourage to a prayer session in his suite, lifting up his voice, asking God to open His eyes to see the prayer warriors and open His ears to hear their voice, and anoint Olu Falae as the next President of Nigeria!

Olumilua was devastated. A man of peace, Olumilua always shunned any subject or matter that would disrupt law, order, peace and harmony of any part of the State. He avoided chieftaincy matters like a plague, excusing himself by saying that he would not want to change or interfere with centuries-old institutions and traditions; not even when it concerned his immediate elder brother of the same motherthe late erudite lawyer, Prince Deji Adegoroye, a royal of Akure Kingdom.

Unlike most African leaders who see themselves as absolute rulers who could not and cannot make mistakes, and who knew and know everything, Olumilua was always humble enough to admit his limitations and accept his human errors, whether privately or publicly.Gilbert Ibitola.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Ibitola, a senior lecturer and Acting Head of Department of Physical Sciences of the university, reportedly slumped and died in his apartment in Okitipupa on June 5. Pastor Joseph Isogun in his sermon at the commendation service for the late lecturer urged people to always reflect on the purpose of life and try to live a meaningful life. Sunday Ogunduyile, the Vice Chancellor of the university, described the death of Ibitola as a colossal loss to the institution.

Ogunduyile urged other members of the academia to always put in their best for the development of the institution.

ondo eulogy

Earlier, Dr. NAN recalled that Prof.

William G. Ondo, MD

Adegboyega Obadofin, a senior lecturer and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, died on October 9, in a mysterious fire incident that engulfed his residence in Okitipupa. Another senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Prof. Gideon Okedayo, was abducted by unknown gunmen on September 5, in Edo State and died in captivity. Your email address will not be published.

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Visit our Privacy and Cookie Policy. I Agree.The literal translation of "ondo" is "sound head. There are other names used to describe older Japanese genres of music. Thus "fushi" can also have the abstract idea of "sequence" to refer to notes and beats in a sequence, i. This "swing" can be referred to as " ukare " in Japanese.

Sometimes the rhythm is NOT swung and it is played straight through. This is called " kizami ". In Japanese folk music, "fushi" and "ondo" follow the name of the song. Kushimoto fushi, Burabura fushi, and Soran fushi all have a rendering of "fushi" in their names. Part of the Japanese Obon celebration involves participating in the local community dance. The "ondo" rhythm has always been common in Japanese folk music, but even the newer music written for Bon dances has been written in this style.

It is common to find names of newer music with the word "ondo" attached to it. Ondo were commonly used as the opening themes for anime in the s and 70s, especially with Tatsunoko Productions. Even non-ondo music is starting to make the bon dance scene. The selection ranges from traditional sounding enka, such as Hikawa Kiyoshi 's "Zundoko-bushi," to more modern non-Japanese hits, such as the Beach Boys ' " Kokomo ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ondo music. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Traditional Japanese Music and Musical Instruments. Tuttle Publishing. University of California Press.

Nichi Bei. Retrieved 12 July Categories : Japanese styles of music Japanese traditional music. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.All of our travel plans went smoothly - from the airport transfer to our first hotel, getting our rental car, hotel reservations, dinner suggestions, and back to the airport.

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On Obasanjo’s Mordacious Eulogy, By M.B.O Owolowo

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ondo eulogy

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ondo eulogy

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